who are we?

The first New Caledonian platform dedicated to the blockchain and to the cryptocurrencies, was born in 2018. As a real precursor in the field of the digital currency in New Caledonia, it makes you discover this unpublished universe and recommends you its trainings to allow you to invest successfully, in complete safety.

In the origins of the concept

Following an objective of democratisation of the distributed register systems and the virtual currencies, chose to make accessible to the general public the fundamental principles which govern a rapidly growing environment that is the cryptocurrency.

We are convinced of the major innovation which constituted in 2008 the birth of the protocol Bitcoin in the history of the Internet and the digital economy. The evolution of the company towards a more and more obvious dematerialisation became unquestionable. It is, from then on, possible to anticipate the changes brought to take place in almost all of the sectors of the traditional economy.

The blockchain has already introduced the appearance of new business models and new modes of governance for which it is essential to get ready right now.

To whom our trainings are orientated to?

Through its platform and proposed trainings, is targeting the professionals as well as the general public.

New Caledonian institutions and administrations, just like companies, whatever is their business sector (finance, insurance, mass-market retailing, health, education, etc.) should rather get acquainted with the blockchain and the digital assets, as well as guide their staff training initiatives. If not, they will miss the technological and social bend of the Internet 2.0, by lagging behind which will be difficult, if not impossible, to catch up.

Regarding the general public, the investment in the digital currency is a strategic option to diversify its sources of income, even if one has only a low start-up capital. The potential earnings are very high, but there are also risks of failure. Thus, this activity cannot be improvised. It is imperative to be trained beforehand, to quickly increase its portfolio without too much exposure to important losses of money.

The word of the founder Thibaud Leflaive

Founder of and in charge of the training, Thibaud Leflaive, 49 years, is particularly "crypto-enthusiastic" besides being a convinced "bitcoiner". According to him: « The bitcoin is going to revolutionise the world, but the world still does not know it » !

During more than six months, Thibaud took a MOOC training of company (training in e-learning at university level), organised by the body Learn Assembly and proposed by Blockchain Partner, the French leader of the council in blockchain technologies. At the end of this course, he obtained a certificate of achievement Blockchain France with a global “A” mark.

It is then that he conceived various themes of training relative to the acculturation in the stakes of the blockchain, in the network Bitcoin and in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

Thibaud Leflaive is also a member of the Circle of the Coin, the main French-speaking association dedicated to Bitcoin, to decentralised currencies and to blockchains.

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