The Ledger Nano S is officially certified by ANSSI

Published : 05/13/2019
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The Ledger Nano S is officially certified by ANSSI

Pursuing an objective of accreditation of all its services, the French leader Ledger is proud to announce a decisive step with the obtaining, in February 2019, of the first-ever worldwide certification of a hardware wallet. Focus on a key product of the cryptocurrencies sphere: the Nano S secured portfolio.

The ANSSI: a major role

The Ledger company has positioned itself in the digital currency market segment by offering portfolios hardware-like electronic wallets in the form of embedded hardware similar to a USB key. The Nano S, known for its safe performance, has already sold more than one million copies worldwide, as it stands out from other cloud-based solutions available online.

At the origin of the award it just received, is the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), an administrative department of the French State, competent in matters of defence and national security. Among its functions, the issuing of the First Level Security Certification (CSPN) attests to the conformity of a marketable product with the safety standards in force, after evaluation by an independent recognised organisation.

A demanding analysis

The certification of the Ledger Nano S reflects a range of safety features of the relevant device:

  • the hazard generator that generates exclusive private keys to each product
  • the certification mechanism guaranteeing the origin and authenticity of the device
  • the authentication of the user, restricting access to the system through a PIN code
  • the use of a secure channel for installing and updating firmware and applications

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