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    You have already attended our Classic Training, so, you know the fundamentals of Bitcoin and cryptoccurencies? You wish from now on to learn even more to diversify your portfolio in a coherent and profitable way? Through this Premium Training, discover the other digital assets of the market. You will then know how to reach your long-term investment...

    39 000 XPF
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    You are already interested in Bitcoin and in cryptoccurencies but you wish to know much more about it? You have a project to invest in the long-term by diversifying your electronic portfolio? Through this VIP Package, get a personalised and confidential formula. In individual format, your program will be identical to the one distributed within the context...

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    You have already heard about Bitcoin and about cryptocurrencies but you wish to know more about it? You possibly intend to invest a small capital with the view to a long-term yield? Through this Classic Training, rest assured to grasp the fundamentals of Bitcoin. You can then get started safely.

    24 000 XPF
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Enter the universe of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are certainly the most spectacular technological revolution since the creation of the Internet.

Bitcoin, the best known of them all, is increasingly compared to digital gold, can be utilised as a reserve of value. In other words, it can be seen as an asset to invest in order to get a long-term stratospheric return.

However, the associated risks are also high, as is any speculative investment. This is why it is essential to train before starting. Understanding how Bitcoin works will allow you to acquire the right reflexes to gain in a sustainable, and safe manner.

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